Wild Wings

Wild Wings Network

In order to overcome the extreme levels of wireless interference in the community we are implementing a community network using wireless technology that does not use the commonly used Wi-Fi channels.
In order to ensure we can provide you with a reliable high-performance service we do a field test to determine where we should connect you to in our network and what services levels we can offer you.


Typically, based on the field test results you will be able to choose from any of the following services:

Level Cost/Month Download Upload
UP3 $45.00 Up to 3 Mbps Up to 768 Kbps
UP6 $90.00 3 to 6 Mbps Up to 1.5 Mbps
UP12 $120.00 6 to 12 Mbps 1.5 to 3 Mbps
UP18 $150.00 12 to 18 Mbps 3 to 4.5 Mbps
UP25 $180.00 18 to 25 Mbps 4.5 to 6 Mbps

The services which the field test report list as available, indicate those where you will be able to get the maximum
associated download/upload speeds, you will get a copy of the report. Choosing a higher speed service will result in the service speeds falling within the defined ranges.

It is important to note that:

• You have unlimited usage, that is no monthly data caps.
• Your contract is month to month, that is you are not locked into long term contract.
• Your installation cost would be $185.

Next Step

Call our office at 530-852-7990 or send an email to accounts@winters-broadband.com to schedule a field test.